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Visco-Elastic Foams

Since 1992, the visco-elastic foam has revolutionized the world of mattresses and change the way you sleep forever. These millions of memory foam mattress users around the world, many say that visco elastic foam which gives them better quality of sleep I’ve had.Visco-Elastic Foams

Visco elastic foam mattresses have been developed through NASA research on the effects of G-force on astronauts. Technology later caught the medical world, with mattresses are commonly used in hospitals, especially for patients who suffer from back pain. After hospital patients began to feel the effects of sleep on memory foam mattresses, technology is rapidly becoming available to the public and has become very popular since.

Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses are unique for their ability to adapt to the exact contours of each body. This leads to the comfort of what I’ve experienced. They claim the body, wherever you need it. Unlike traditional mattresses, the weight is distributed evenly over the memory foam mattress. They support the spine while maintaining its natural curve. This means that there is too much pressure on parts of the body, to remove all the pain caused by your mattress. Your body stays nice and do not interfere, even if you have a partner who tosses and turns.

Traditional spring mattress can easily fold in poor condition, and hit through the material. This can make them very uncomfortable to sleep. Visco-elastic foam mattresses without springs are a solid structure. This does not mean that they only offer a more restful sleep, but also last much longer than a traditional mattress. Although they are more expensive than regular mattresses, comfort and durability make foam mattress visco elastic worth the investment.