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Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

We know that the quality of our sleep is directly influenced by the mattress that we use so it does come down to us to make sure that we find the right model which will suit our needs. The Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a new mattress that seems to offer all the features that we always wanted from a memory foam mattress, but is it worth your money? Let’s find that out right now.


Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress LayerThe design of this mattress is very good and the fact that it’s made from high quality materials really pinpoints the durability and quality that the product offers. It’s a great mattress that meets the federal flammability standard and which is very safe to use, with no consequences for your body. The soft, knit fabric cover does an extraordinary job at protecting the mattress and offering it a stellar look as a whole.

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Features & Quality

The main reason why you will get the Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress is that it is a very comfortable, high quality mattress. It’s one of the few products out there that actually manage to offer you comfort and a great back pain relief.

While it can be used by any person out there to relax after a long day, this product is particularly suitable for people that have back pain and want to alleviate that pain in a natural manner. The product also does a great job in relieving the pressure points on your shoulders and hips.

The memory foam used by this mattress is very durable and it has the ideal weight that will help you sleep well and in deep relaxation, all while offering the sturdiness and quality that the mattress needs.

Signature Sleep Memoir have 4 size to choose: Twin, Full, Queen, King

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This product has multiple thickness sizes so it all comes down to you to choose the size that you want. This does bring in front a great set of results to be honest because thanks to the overall customization options you will have no problem getting the model that you want.

A think to keep in mind with this mattress is that you do need to allow it around 48 hours in order for it to expand to its normal shape and size. It might take a little bit and you won’t be able to use it right after you purchase, which is a minor downside for some people.


However, despite that, the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is more than impressive and it does offer you all the features that you need in order to have a much better, high quality sleep. You have to remember that a good mattress will always tend to offer you more relaxation and energy so you do need to pick the right one. If you want a memory foam mattress then the Signature Sleep Memoir Mattress is definitely a great choice because it does bring in front some incredible possibilities. We recommend this mattress as being the perfect solution for families and single persons alike, because it offers the back pain relief, support and quality that you want in a top of the line mattress. In addition, it’s not even very expensive, which is a major plus as well!

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