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Say NO to Back Pain This Spring

Say NO to Back Pain This SpringSpring is upon us and everybody is springing right into the thick of the action. But what you will realize soon enough is that exerting yourself physically while performing spring time activities, whether it is gardening, cleaning the garage or golfing, can result in a very persistent back ache.

The reason spring can be such a dangerous season for your back is because most of us try to do everything at once during the spring, such as cleaning the car, garage, house or the yards, all in a day or two. So, you’re likely to pay a heavy price for this as your back will start hurting and the pain flares up all too suddenly.

There are several things you can do to avoid back pain during spring, such as buying the best mattress for back pain, which we shall discuss later. For now, follow these steps to prevent back pain during spring so that you can enjoy the best season of the year with your friends and family instead of complaining all day long about how your back hurts!

Tip #1: Know What You Can Do and Should Not!

Before you perform any physical activity that tests your physical strength and stamina, ask yourself if it is truly worth is. Is it worth the potential back pain that it might cause, which could result in you missing out on work or business and staying at home, when you shouldn’t? Be very sensible about what you can do and what you should not.

Tip #2: Bend from the Hips and Knees, Instead of from the Back, ALWAYS!

One of the things you can do to avoid back pain is to bend from the hips rather than from the back when doing something such mopping the floor, picking up something or working out at the gym. If you have to lean forward or bend down to pick something up, bend your hips and lower your knees, don’t bend the back.  Make this a habit, and you will make sure that you will never suffer from back pain again. Remember, your back is designed to be straight, not bent, which is why you should not lift or pick up things when your back is flexed. Your hips and knees are designed to life weights when bent or flexed – so use them!

Tip #3: Use Co-Contraction

Have you noticed how weight lifters in the Olympics wear a tight fitting belt around their waist while lifting weights? That’s called co-contraction; it makes lifting weights easier and supports the lower back and the spine. Co-contraction means tucking in or contracting the lower part of your abdomen slightly, by about 10 percent, using a belt for support around the waist or spine. You should wrap a belt around your waist when doing some heavy physical work around the house, such as lifting boxes, vacuuming, working on the roof, cleaning the garage or car and so on.

Tip #4: Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain

One of the easiest ways to prevent back pain during spring is to buy the best mattress for back pain. You will find the reviews of the best mattresses for back pain on http://bestmattressforbackpainreviews.com/.  Generally, here’s what you should know – mattresses that fail to meet quality standards cause back pain among people. I want to quickly go through some of the best mattresses available in the market. You will find detailed reviews of each of these mattresses on this site.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress – This mattress is effective for back pain relief because it allows for a proper spinal alignment of the body, and helps you sleep better.

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – This foam mattress is very supportive to the back and is particularly helpful to the elderly or to those who have joint problems, such as people who work hard throughout the day.

Brentwood 13″ Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Mattress – This foam mattress comes with four layers, each a different type of foam, and offers excellent support to the spine. It is recommended by Chiropractors to those who suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress – This large foam mattress offers excellent support to the back and provides a lot of relief to those suffering from lower back pain. It is made of three different layers, each of which is made from a different type of material of differing thickness.

Click here for detailed reviews of the best mattresses for back pain relief.

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