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Red Nomad 3″of Luxury Mattress Review

I don’t consider myself a workaholic but like most; I spend most of my days at work. And I get home to start on chores; take care of the family meals, laundry and all that junk…. The next day is definitely going to start and end like every other day. But the nights…. The night counts a lot because I need my good night sleep in preparation for another hectic tomorrow and what better way to get that than with a mattress that radiates comfortability.

Now, I know that many people are like me; they need to be fresh for the new day so many are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get a great, comfy mattress and yes many of the big name mattress brands provide mattresses that gives us the comfort we need all through the night though not everyone can afford such.

Whilst the big names like the tempurpedic have so much to offer, I believe it’s only right to mention that some of the lesser known manufacturers whose products provide just about the same level of comfort (if not more) than some of the big name brands for the effort and hard work they’ve put so far into producing great mattresses that help us get comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep, saves us from various back and neck aches without having to break the bank in order to get. One of such mattresses is the Red Nomad 3 inches luxury mattress.

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The Red Nomad 10” is the perfect substitute for a coil mattress; it is 10 inches in depth, comprises of a 7 inch high density luxury polyurethane foam base to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation, a 3 inch 2.5lb ventilated memory foam layer and comes with a Zipper Washable Cover that’s made from bamboo cotton which helps with the ventilation. The producing company (Red Nomad) credits this mattress as the perfect foam mattress in the market; I think I’ll agree with them based on certain reasons:

  • It’s sold for a give-away $450.00 for a Queen sized bed which provides the same level of comfort (if not more) as similar but more expensive products from big names. Thumbs up.
  • It’s easy to wash thanks to the zipper bamboo cover which as bamboo is used in many new products increase the value of such product and meet the recent trend of “save Nature” program.
  • Its neither too soft nor too hard which makes it super comfortable
  • The mattress is designed while keeping condition of the chiropractic patients in mind as the mattress supports each and every pressure points of one’s body.
  • The Red Nomad 3” Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US; a great certification which simply emphasizes the high standard of the mattress.
  • Thanks to the 2.5lb foam make-up, it’s not temperature sensitive as it doesn’t retain excessive body warmth so you need not worry about heat when you’re sleeping as it is cooler than your average memory mattress.
  • This mattress is ideal for two individuals of average build; with its dimension of 60” x 80” x 10” (standard queen size configuration) and a package weight of 67 pounds it’s just big enough for two such individuals to sleep comfortably on.
  • The Mattress does not only give maximum comfort but it is also very much breathable thanks to the ventilation technique used as well as durable. So you need not worry about it losing its charm any time soon.
  • What’s more, it comes with a 25 year warranty.

Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress


While I strongly believe that the Red Nomad is arguable one of the best mattress products available in the market today, it has its downside as minor and quite typical it might be: like any other memory mattress, the Red Nomad 3 inches luxury mattress also has that chemical odor when new so it’s best to air it out for a few days before use.

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The night’s sleep can only get better with this baby.

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