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Pinched Nerve

In our body, nerves play the role of electric cords that carry signals and information from the brain to all the other parts of the body and vice versa. When there is too much pressure applied to a nerve, it results in pinched nerve. This is because the surrounding tissues apply this pressure. This can in turn be cause by the posture or any other condition. The tissues applying the pressure to cause pinched nerve can be the bones, the muscles or the bones and tendons. It is because of the disruption in the nerve function that one gets pinched nerve. A Pinched nerve can cause pain and tingling along with numbness or weakness.

Where can a Pinched Nerve be?

There are several places in the body where pinched nerve can occur. This can be because of a herniated disc in the spine. This would put a lot of pressure on the nerve root and pinched nerve can become an issue. In such a case, the pain that is caused with the pinched nerve goes all the way down the back to leg. There can also be a Pinched nerve in your wrist, which can cause you to feel a lot of pain and even numbness, which can come down to your hand and the fingers. This condition when the Pinched Nerve is in the wrist is known as the carpal tunnel syndrome.


If the Pinched nerve is in the lower back, one can feel the pain shooting down all the way to the leg. In addition, muscle spasm tends to be another significant pointer toward the occurrence of pinched nerve. While pain and numbness may not always be the symptoms for everyone, other symptoms of pinched nerve may include electric and tingling sensation along with a burning sensation because of the severe pain.


In most cases, in order to treat a pinched nerve, the area surrounding the affected area is used as one of the methods of treatment for the pinched nerve. To alleviate the pain caused as a result of the pinched nerve, you can use Corticosteroids. Other than this, for the cases that are rather severe and serious, the treatment for the pinched nerve can be surgery. Another highly recommended and effective method for pinched nerve is physical therapy. In this method, it can come to the usage of splints and collars for treating the pinched nerve through physical therapy.

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