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Best Mattress for Back Pain Shopping Guide

Shopping for your best mattress for back pain. A brief overview.

If you’ve grown tired of waking up every morning feeling like you went 15 times round the mattress at night – and lost – then it’s probably time to go shopping for a new mattress mattress for back pain.

There have been some changes to the mattresses over the years – adding vertices pillow and memory foam, to name just two. But some things will never change the best mattresses for back pain. You want a mattress that is comfortable, supports you properly and will last a decade or two.best mattress for back pain shopping guide

The first word is sustainability. A good set mattress will last for about ten years, but does not necessarily mean that you should keep it for so long.  Even the best mattresses for back pain should be changed ever 5-7 years. Although the series can still look good after 20 years,  it does not mean it will still be able to offer comfort and support you need to keep your back from having pain. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the mattress the cheaper it is usually in long term thinking. It is not always true, but it is a good place for the rule of thumb. Remember, the mattress is not something where you should try to pay the less you can. Buy what your budget allows and keep your hands off cheap ones. Most people with a cheap mattress end up with back pain.

So, the best way to find the best mattress is to go out and try some of them. If you’re someone who loves the mattress, which is just as hard as a rock, go for it. But I do not think that you only get the right support to sleep on a firm mattress. Today’s mattresses are designed to provide strength and support to its internal and external layers of luxurious comfort. With luxurious fabrics and top cushions they can make even the firmest mattress feel comfortable. But in general firm mattresses are the best mattresses for back pain.

Another major concern should be to get a mattress set that provides the right amount of support. You want to have adequate support anywhere where your body comes in contact with the mattress. So when it comes to buying a best mattress, for back pain you must remove your shoes and lie on the mattress. Stay there long enough to feel the support it gives you. When you are lying down, it is essential how the mattress is aligned with the spine – as if you were standing? That is how it should be. The lack of support for different parts of the body can cause you to wake up more often throughout the night and is certainly not what you look for.

To understand your mattress, you need to know what support they can offer. It comes from domestic sources, a spring foam mattress and the box.

Most mattresses are made of springs. These coils are made of hardened steel located in a variety of models. At the top of the coils are insulation and padding, so you get the benefits of not freezing or sweating throughout the night and very good comfort. Some mattresses are claiming to be better than others, because the large number of coils, but in reality it is the quality of coils and padding that makes the difference between an average mattress and the best mattress for back pain.

Memory foam mattresses have become increasingly prevalent – either solid or foam layer of foam glued together. A breakthrough in foam mattresses came from the ESA in 1965 with the discovery of memory foam. Initially created to improve the safety of flight seats, memory foam is temperature sensitive – hence the “temperature active foam.” The name it had when it reached the market In 1991, was “Tempur-Pedic” mattress, and its popularity has soared since then. Today, memory foam mattresses are more expensive than traditional mattresses but their fans say they are worth the extra investment because they really work well on for back pain.

In a foam or spring mattress the foundation is also called the frame. While the bed does not get much attention, the frame is as important as the mattress. The mattress and the frame are sold in a kit with good reason. Both are designed to complement each other. It is never wise to attempt to use an old frame with a new mattress. The effect will not be the same as you tried in the showroom. And you will not find the best mattress for back pain for you.

Now the only choice you have to make is the size of your mattress. If you sleep with a partner, investing in a queen or king-size bed is adequate. A brief description of the different sizes of mattresses available at the moment:

A double or a whole bed is 53 inches long – only 15 inches wider than a single bed – and 75 inches long. This means that two people have only about 27 inches from the bed, which is close to Western standards.

A queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and about 80 inches long. That means a additional space for the queen size mattress. Today’s bedroom is designed to easily accommodate a queen-size bed.

But if space is not an available, consider a king-size bed, which is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A bed of this size is the same as if you were to put two single beds. And if that is not enough bed for you, opt for a “California King” as a little narrower, but longer. These run 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Usually the bigger the better is the rule of thumb in buying the best mattress for back pain.

To choose a mattress deserves time and consideration. Use the advice and information above to make the choice as informed as possible and enjoy the many benefits of a good night sleep in your new mattress.


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